Each team and solo competitor will have mandatory items to carry while in the competition: The following items are required on the course:

  • SOAR Passport, which will be signed/stamped/punched at each ACP/CP
  • List of the SOAR rules
  • Race maps
  • Mandatory Gear for that section of the course

Personal Gear (Mandatory at all times for all Segments)

Each competitor must possess permanently through the competition the following gear:

  • Compass (1 per every 2 competitors on a team)
  • 1:24,000 UTM Tool
  • Pen
  • Small Notebook
  • Knife, within easy reach, minimum blade of 2.5”(folding is OK)
  • Whistle
  • Emergency First Aid Kit Containing

Analgesic: i.e. Motrin or aspirin
Betadine, iodine or alcohol swabs
ACE Bandage: 1@ 3” – 5”
Stretch Gauze: 1 @ 2” – 4”
Sterile Compresses
Medical tape
Antibiotic Cream: i.e. Neosporin
Intestinal Antiseptic/Antidiarrheal (Pepto Bismal)

The brand names are cited as references and may be replaced by an equivalent product. This mandatory emergency first aid kit will be checked during inspections and at certain points in the competition. The amounts of medical supplies need to be able to treat/remedy illness or injury for 24 hours (i.e., 2 aspirin is not sufficient since the required dose is 2 aspirin every 4-6 hours.)

MOUNTAIN BIKING (Mandatory Gear during this Segment)

  • Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Bike Helmet
  • Spare Tube per bicycle
  • Mountain Bike
  • Patch Kit per bicycle
  • Repair Kit per bicycle
  • Tire Pump/ CO2 cartridge per bicycle

RAPPELLING (Mandatory Gear during this Segment)

  • Figure Eight (preferred) or other approved descending device
  • Locking carabineer
  • Harness
  • Rappelling Gloves (must have 100% leather covering entire palm and fingers–biking gloves not acceptable)
  • Climbing helmet. All participants are required to wear a climbing helmet (UIAA, CE) while on ropes of any type. Racers cannot use their climbing helmet for biking, nor biking helmet for climbing.

CANOEING (Mandatory Gear during this Segment)

  • Canoes, single blade paddles and Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) are provided by SOAR. All participants are required to wear an approved PFD while boating. Racers may furnish and use a double bladed paddle and/or PFD but must carry it throughout the race section that contains canoeing.