2017 Special Operations Race Results

Race Held in Highlands, NC on June 10th, 2017

Elite 12 Hour Coed

*First Place – Good ‘Nuff, 108 Points
Misty Becerra
Sara McLarty
Jonathan Perkinson
Michelle Tovar

*Second Place – Hike-a-Bike, 70 Points
Eric Seitz
Mike Greer
Kara Greer
AJ Brumfiel

Elite 12 Hour Male Open

*First Place – Darwin, 108 Points
Stephen Darwin
Joseph Darwin

*Second Place – Mentally Imbalanced, 79 Points
Chip Clifton
Justin Bryan

*Third Place – Mala Gente, 64 points
Andrew Levy
James Bookout

*Fourth Place – Brion Rutherford, 60 points, 11 Hours 7 Minutes

Fifth Place – Brian Wright, 60 Points, 11 Hours 42 Minutes

Sixth Place – Steven Morris, 41 Points

DNF Thomas Donovan (41 potential points)

Elite 12 Hour Female Open

No Teams Entered

*Indicates that the team qualified for the 2017 USARA National Championships

Sprint 6 Hour Coed

First Place – R & R, 60 Points
Reagan Smith
Rick Keizer

Second Place – Checkpoint Seeking Behavior, 46 Points
Kenneth Galloway
Tracey Parker
Thomas Parker
Brandon Robinson

DNF — 2 Dumb 2 Quit (66 Potential Points)
Kimberly Patterson
Brian Patterson

Sprint 6 Hour Male Open

First Place – Pain for Pints, 56 Points
Drew Virtue
Jay Hinton

Second Place – Charlie Rats, 53 Points
Josh Stephen
Rusty Webster
Michael Crocker

Third Place – TM BDK, 47 Points
Travis Milroy
Rashawn Quinzy
Sidney Abbott

Fourth Place – Best at Exercising, 39 Points
David Hartman
John Myers
Josh Lott

DNF – Fighting Jacks (55 Potential Points)
Jimmy Pregel
Will Watkins
Shannon Piller
Justin Lanford

DNF – BWE Rocks (54 Potential Points)
Brandon Wawak
Josh Canter
Mark Duncan
Kevin Loftin

DNF – The Three Amigos (47 Potential Points)
Pablo Medina
Dana Mabey
Ned Love

Sprint 6 Hour Female Open

No Teams Entered