This page provides an overview of race rules and format. More detailed rule sets will be provided during the pre-race briefing on Friday, June 9th at 7:00 PM. Attendance at the briefing is mandatory unless prior arrangements are made with the race director. Teams MUST be present at the pre-race briefing, and indeed it will count as one of your race checkpoints in our scoring. Maps, rules, and cue sheets will be distributed during the briefing. All maps are 1:24,000 scale.

Check-In for the race will be held on Friday, June 9th, 2017 2-6 PM at the Highlands Rec Center. All team members must arrive and go through gear check together. Bring all of your race gear (listed on the gear page) for check by our volunteers. If you do not have a USARA racing license, you will be required to purchase one for $8. Cash or check are fine. We cannot accept credit cards on site during race weekend.

From 5-7 PM on June 9th, we will host our annual spaghetti dinner. The cost is $10 and all proceeds benefit the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. It’s a great, solid meal to get you ready for racing.

Our race has been redesigned to make strategy a more integral element of the race experience. The race will be “rogaine” in format, which means that racers will be free to visit checkpoints in any order they choose, to a degree. The course is divided into three sections. Racers may attack the sections in any order. Racers may attack the CPs in the section in any order. However, after leaving a section and returning to the transition area, racers are not allowed to re-visit a section.

Given the rogaine format, it is especially important that teams develop their own plans and navigation strategies. “Following the herd” will lock you into someone else’s plan and strategy, which may not be appropriate for your own team or its abilities.

CPs will be recorded in four ways: 1) by finding a white and orange bag and marking the appropriate passport square with the attached punch: 2) by taking a photo on you cell phone as instructed in the CP hint; 3) by recording an answer in the appropriate square as instructed in the CP hint; 4) by collecting a token hidden at the CP.

Additionally, there will be a 2 CP “litter bonus” for teams that collect at least 10 pieces of litter on the course. Obviously you don’t want to spend the whole race picking up trash, but this is a way for us to demonstrate to the community and to the US Forest Service that adventure racers are responsible in their use of the outdoors. It’s up to your team whether to try for this bonus or not.

First through third place winners will be recognized in the categories of all-male, coed, and all-female teams for both the sprint (6 hours) and elite (12 hour) races. Soloists are still welcome to compete in either race.
The 12 Elite race will begin at 7am and end at 7pm. Racers who return after 7pm exactly will not be official finishers and will not be scored. The 6 hour Sprint race will begin at 11am and end from 5-6 PM. Sprint racers will be penalized 1 CP for each 30 minutes after 5pm that they return (max penalties 2 CPs). Sprint racers who return after 6:00 pm will not be official finishers and will not be scored. Post-race dinner will be served from 5-7, and awards will take place at 8pm.

Racers must carry maps, a copy of the rules, and passport at all times during the race.
Certain roads will be prohibited for travel during the pre-race briefing. Traveling on these roads will result in disqualification.

Per our insurance carrier, firearms are not allowed to be carried during the race or on the race course. Racers carrying a firearm will be disqualified and banned from future SOAR events, and reported to USARA for possible additional sanctions.

In order to be official finishers, racers must: 1) complete either the rappel CP or the rappel alternate (for those without rappel gear) CP; 2) complete at least one canoe CP. These are in addition to however many biking and trekking CPs you collect. In other words, neither the canoe nor the rappel can be skipped.
High Value CPs: Not all CPs are the same value. When planning your route, note that some CPs are worth more than others.

In addition to High Value CPs, there are Disappearing CPs. Only one team can collect each Disappearing CP, so it is a race to reach each of them. Once you reach a Disappearing CP, look for a small rock cairn. Hidden in the cairn will be a special, very obvious token. The token needs to be returned with your passport. If you reach a cairn and it is destroyed, someone else has grabbed it already and you are out of luck for that CP. CP hints will give you additional helpful details. Each section contains one Disappearing CP for the sprint and elite races.